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Intelligent Transportation

Intelligent Transportation

There were changeable signs to warn motorists of impending traffic tie-ups, however the lack of video cameras made very little impact on the traffic snarls. With the introduction of live cameras for incident detection, the effort to reduce traffic congestion and to improve road safety was on its first leg to becoming a reality. According to the Urban Mobility Reports, produced by the Texas Transportation Institute - the latest one (September 2004) estimated the annual cost to motorists of being stuck in traffic in the largest 85 urban areas at $63 billion. But that is simply the cost of individuals' wasted time and wasted fuel. An additional $100 billion results from traffic fatalities according to the General accounting Office (GAO).

The Solution

With the advent of IP video enabling digital surveillance streams to travel over the internet, operators in various airport departments such as police, customs, fire and medic, baggage, and airport operations, can all monitor the video feeds from separate PC workstations. Dante Security provides IP based video surveillance solutions with 2MP, 3MP, 4MP, 5MP, 6MP and 12MP resolution Network Box cameras, Vandal and Eyeball Domes, Bullet cameras, PTZ Domes and Integrated Camera Positioning Systems with up to 40X optical zoom built-in camera modules. These are combined with features as intelligent analytics, vehicle and people tracking, license plate recognition and Video Recording and Management (NVR and Virtual Matrix) software for today's Network Centric video surveillance system.

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